The Non-Chemical Way to Clean Your Windows

Wish there was an eco-friendlier way to clean your windows? The amount of chemicals we use for cleaning our homes can be a worry, both for health and environmental reasons. The good news is that there are plenty of natural alternatives we can use instead. They could even be more effective, as chemical products are prone to leaving streaks and smears behind on your windows.

Natural Recipes

For clean windows without the chemicals, it’s time to get your rubber gloves on and mix up your own solution. Most of the recommended recipes for natural cleaning solutions you’ll find online are cheap, easy to make and contain just household ingredients that you already have. Here are a few example combinations:

  • Vinegar and water
  • Eco-friendly washing up liquid, white vinegar, warm water and lemon essential oil
  • Lemon juice and warm water

The acidity in things like lemon juice and vinegar is great for removing smears and stains, and anything water-based will dry better than chemical products without leaving any residue. Just make sure you have a lint-free cloth (or even some good old-fashioned newspaper) ready to dry and polish the windows. Otherwise, you could end up with water marks.

Not all windows need wet solutions either. If your windows are simply a little dull or dusty, give them a vigorous polish with a lint-free cloth and they’ll be back to their best in no time.

Shopping For Eco Cleaning Products

If you don’t fancy mixing up your own cleaning solution, most supermarkets now stock a range of eco products which will get your windows sparkling without all the nasty chemicals. They may cost a little more but if you want to be greener, the extra cost can be worth it.

Don’t clean windows yourself?

If you use a professional window cleaner rather than doing the job yourself, why not have a chat about the products they use? Many window cleaners will be able to adjust their setup and use more natural, less environmentally harmful products on your request.

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